Bringing the world together through millions of $1 monthly donations.

One dollar to one million, to one cause every month.

DollarFund is an organization that is working to empower the dollar to do more than it ever has before. It’s a new model of social fundraising, bringing the world together through millions of $1 monthly donations.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Video
  • Social Strategy
  • UX/UI Design


We wanted to create an identity for DollarFund that would speak to a new, pioneering way of giving back through social influence and $1 dollar donations. The face of the DollarFund needed to be progressive while appealing to a universal demographic.

Questions we needed to answer

  • Should DollarFund fit into the landscape with other non-profits or stand apart?
  • How do we introduce the idea of network marketing without detracting skeptics or coming off as disingenuous?
  • How do we clearly communicate this new model of giving while inspiring excitement?
  • The old model of philanthropic giving is broken. How do we innovate?
  • What can we do to include everyone who wants to donate?
  • What if giving wasn’t about how much you can afford to give but about activating your social network?

What we did

DollarFund started with a great idea, but they lacked a name that would last and a strategy to back it up. “Share a Dollar” was the name. It needed personality and depth. It needed to feel more global.  

DollarFund’s identity lives in the realm of both finance and empowerment. It needed to feel reliable yet inviting. The logo is a nod to existing currency symbols and a way to introduce ‘dollarfunding’ as a new type of currency – a social currency. Paired with quirky, humanist iconography and powerful imagery from the nonprofits they support, we balanced the line between exciting and mature.


Friendly. Sociable. Motivated. Confident, yet assuring.

Contributors want to be a part of something large but also want to be aware of their personal impact is important. DollarFund is where they can find community. DollarFund seeks to make giving accessible and easy. To make sharing social. We sought to equip DollarFund, in uniting millions to save the world.        

Are you willing to become one in a million?

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