Giving Hope Egg Donation

Giving Hope to people struggling with infertility.

Giving Hope Egg Donation approached us with a problem: They weren’t getting enough donors through the door.


Giving the gift of a child to a couple struggling with infertility is one of the greatest things a young, healthy woman can do. But it’s a very involved process.

After doing a Brand Audit and discovering a few blind spots, we quickly launched into a comprehensive rebrand… From what they were saying and how they were saying it—to the UI/UX of their website and applications.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Development

The Results

The mark we landed on is a heart within a heart—a subtle reference to pregnancy. The handwritten script for “Giving Hope” connects with the personal nature of the organization, while the strong, all-caps EGG DONATION reminds the donor that this is a professional, trustworthy organization.

After transitioning from Craigslist to Facebook Ads, and introducing them to one our partners that specialize in digital advertising, Giving Hope has seen their cost of acquisition for donors cut in half.

Brand Colors