Herban Fresh

An excellent idea that needed a few nudges in the right direction.

We were sold from the start.

When Plenus Group Inc. approached us about this project, we were thrilled from the moment they shared the concept:

“What if we launched a brand of soups that supports urban agriculture? What if we sold soups and the profits supported city-farming all across the country?”

Yes. Done. Sign us up. How can we help?

The team at PGI had started brainstorming already. They had the idea to name the brand “Mill City Farms” for proof of concept, but after a few Strategy sessions, the name started to feel limiting. Would it scale well nationally? Would it appeal to the specific consumers we were looking for?


  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Labels
  • Website

Back to the drawing board…

Here were some of the criteria: 

  • This new soup brand aims to convey fresh and artisan qualities.
  • It will also harken to urban and city qualities in its name and visual identity.
  • It will have national appeal by drawing inspiration from urban farmers and foragers.
  • This new soup brand is distinct in its’ urban-inspired branding and will compete with brands like Panera, which rely on rural farming and European aesthetics.

The cutting-room floor: 

  • Rooftop Soups
  • Skyline Soups
  • Urbs and Spices
  • Downtown Fresh
  • Spinner City Soups
  • Town and City Farms
  • Third City Soups

Final name?

Brand Colors









Label Design

Additional Assets