A unique solution, marrying the world of therapy and medicine.

A New England based mental health clinic was looking to refresh, just in time for a new location.


New England Center for Mental Health came to us to rebrand their practice, to coincide with the grand opening a new facility. With a design that had been cobbled together over the course of seven years, their visual identity was confusing. Their web presence was heavy with stock photos, and their logo lacked meaning. New England Medical Center needed to regroup and find direction, rediscover purpose.

Unlike most therapy practices, NECMH also has a team of prescribers able to diagnose and treat mental health problems. So we knew that the logo couldn’t feel like a yoga or therapy studio, but it also couldn’t feel too medical or sterile. We set out to give their practice shape.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Cards
  • Visual Identity

A healthy balance.

We focused on a refined typeface that felt more comfortable and approachable than the previous one. We paired that with an icon that illustrates a patient experiencing the benefits of working with NECMH providers. At the center of the mind, a neural receptor is making a connection. The result, rays of light emanating out from the source.

Brand Colors