Northstar Industries

A successful company needed to reflect entering a new season of leadership.

Their starting point:

Since 1996, Northstar Industries has been an industry leader in the design and implementation of efficient, cost saving, and sustainable solutions for the natural gas industry. With hundreds of projects under their belt, they provide unique expertise and process designed to maximize efficiency.

The problem?

Their brand strategy and visual identity didn’t reflect that uniqueness. They needed a new name, and a new visual identity to accompany the new overall strategy.


  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Labels
  • Website

Back to the drawing board…

Here were some of the criteria for the naming: 

  • The new name still needed to be anchored in navigation. 
  • It needed to be distinct, memorable, easy-to-say / easy-to-spell.
  • Preference for two-syllables.

The cutting-room floor: 

  • Solidus – Complete, interesting but potentially confusing contrast with liquid.
  • Integrum – Complete, sounds like integrity
  • Virtus – Excellence
  • Navitas – meaning Energy. Sounds like Navigate.
  • Omnis – meaning All.
  • Sollus – whole

Final name?

Brand Colors