Onward Coaching

Executive Coaching for the Adventure of Life.

Trailguides for the journey ahead.

Emery worked with Five Capitals to build the foundation for a new consulting, coaching, and leadership business. Starting with our strategy sessions, we uncovered the true motives behind the business and what was authentic to the founders. From there we renamed the business, Onward Coaching, and its sub brand, Upward, based on the values we discovered.  


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Web Development
  • Voice


The language and tone of Onward Coaching evokes movement, progress, motivation. Onward Coaches are expert trail guides, encouraging discovery of self, while remaining collected and attentive. All pieces of content from Onward will harken to a journey and adventure of personal and professional advancement. The Onward track is not the journey, but preparation for the journey of self each client will take.  


While other coaching services “teach ways,” we “equip with tools and inspire.”

Brand Colors




Process Work

Every journey we take with our clients leads to a final solution that is true to them. Along the way, we design some other notable elements and concepts that never make it to the public eye. Here is a look at parts of our process work for this project: