Taproot Ministries

Grounded in truth, grown in light.

To be mentors, advocates, and partners to our students, by believing in and for the best of each individual.

When Verna and her team met with us, they brought with them a ministry that was well known yet unaligned with their current mission and purpose. After our strategy session, we found that they first needed a name that reflected where their organization was at and where they are headed.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Web


We wanted to give their ministry a new voice and look that highlighted their desire to affirm and encourage beauty in the world.

Challenges we faced

How do you encompass all that this organization under one name and identity without feeling foreign to each part of it? How do we create something that will excite both the children and parents, while remaining fresh yet trustworthy?

What we did

Taproot Ministries

A taproot is the main root of a root system. It’s the center, the anchor, the identity, the strongest root that all other rootlets grow and branch off of.

Taproot Ministries is a place where individuals can grow, no matter where they are coming from. Nurturing, dynamic, and bold.

The spirit of Taproot is one that is grounded in community and process. No one is perfect or complete; everyone is a work of art in progress, and within everyone lies art to be created. There is a lightness in Taproot, a natural ease yet intentional trust. It’s accessible. It says, “We are all connected, and together, we can grow.”

At Taproot, the flaws and rough textures of life are where the beauty lies. It’s where the Creator does His work, where His creations are formed, fulfilled and made beautiful.


Taproot exists to provide a place for students to exist and grow in truth, by creating meaningful experiences, connecting in worship, and providing mentorship in each individual’s journey.  


Authenticity At Taproot, professionalism is balanced with honesty and humility. They deeply value those who allow their flaws to be seen alongside their strengths. Belonging Taproot welcomes everyone. They have space for all who seek it. Taproot works to focus on approachability and inclusion. Guidance The team isn’t isn’t the point here. They are simply encouragers of their students. The recognition of truth and beauty in each individual is the foundation of all that they do. They understand that they themselves are learning as they lead. Hope Taproot is founded on the fact that everyone has been created in the image of God. They believe in the unbelievable for their students. Taproot speaks into the truest identity of individuals. They seek to understand each story as unique and awesome.

Brand Voice

Taproot exudes abundance and optimism yet seeks to understand, operating from a place of humility. Taproot know that they don’t know everything or all experiences but affirms the truths of the Creator.

Taproot is loving and trustworthy.

They do the hard and sometimes ugly work to uncover the good and necessary ways forward.

Visual Identity

Roots to Fruits Playing with the metaphor of ‘growing fruit’ and life from the source— a beautiful and modern identity system, utilizing organic shapes and patterns.

Vibrant, deep colors give the identity maturity while retaining joy and abundance.

Handcrafted, yet refined. Taproot looks thoughtful and welcoming, yet authentic and trustworthy.