Grace Community Church — Sanctuary Campaign

Sanc-tu-ar-y: A place of refuge or safety. A nature reserve. A holy place, temple or church.

Sanctuary is a peaceful, safe and accessible walking environment located in Westford, MA.


Emery was brought on to this project to design a compelling identity for this ‘future project’ for it’s stakeholders investment pitch. One of the most important aspects of Sanctuary is the preservation and enhancement of the land it is built on. It provides a place of reflection, relaxation, and release for all of the site visitors. Our design work needed to capture that.


  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Web
  • Voice
  • Pitch Deck
  • Letterset
  • Print

Brand Colors








The goal of the visual identity and pitch deck work was to help Grace Community Church raise the funding necessary to move ahead with this amazing project.

In the weeks following the launch, the campaign raised $2.37 Million of the $2.5 Million dollar goal.

“We could never have done it without the incredible work, direction, and support from the Emery Team.”