Weird to say on a first-date, but you might just fall in love with us.

Emery was founded in 2014 when a group of designers had a sobering realization: Great design isn’t good enough.

John Emery

Founder & Brand Strategist

Katy Hunt

Director of Operations

Dani Campbell

Director of Identity

Brett Laub

Director of Web

Dae Eriksson

Brand Strategist

Jen O’Deay


Dylan Menke

Visual Identity Designer

Matt Brown

Web Developer

Kem Meyer

Communications Strategist

Andrew Schuster


Dan Drake

Video & Motion Graphics

Beth Hall

Web Designer

Andre Mayo

Brand Strategist

Aarón Martínez

2D & 3D Illustration

Alfredo Muñoz

Project Manager

Our values:

Everyone is essential. We celebrate diversity, unfettered inclusion, and interdependence.

Make it weird. Because life is short and “blending in” is boring.

Endzones don’t exist. Our goal in business isn’t to win—it’s to keep playing the game.

Reputation over revenue. We don’t compromise our values to chase a quick buck.

You are light. We embody optimism, clarity, and light-heartedness.