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HBK provides comprehensive solutions across the product life cycle uniting the physical world of sensors, testing and measurement with the digital world of simulation, modelling software and analysis.

The Challenge

Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer (HBK) faced a common challenge following a significant merger. While the merger was the right strategic move for the company, it left HBK's 4,000+ global employees feeling disconnected. This sense of disunity was beginning to impact talent retention and recruitment, signaling a deeper issue within the newly formed corporate culture.

The Awakening

Recognizing the opportunity for a profound transformation, Emery stepped in to bridge the gap. After months of in-depth interviews and careful analysis, we unveiled a solution that went beyond surface-level fixes. We proposed an internal Brand Campaign designed to weave a sense of shared purpose into the fabric of HBK's day-to-day operations, ensuring every individual felt an integral part of something much larger than themselves: Empower the Innovators.™

Internal Graphics
The Transformation

The launch of the Empower the Innovators™ campaign marked a turning point for HBK. This initiative, crafted by Emery, didn't just resonate with employees; it redefined their role within the company. By decentralizing the focus on individual achievements and highlighting the collective mission to serve industry giants like Tesla and NASA, we fostered a renewed sense of unity and purpose. Through this journey, HBK transformed from a conglomerate of talents into a cohesive, purpose-driven team — united in their quest to empower innovation around the globe.