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Kaleido Life

Kaleido Life is redefining life insurance by allowing you access to your death benefits while you’re still alive.

The Challenge

Kaleido Life entered the scene as a groundbreaking life insurance startup, but its original name failed to capture the essence of its innovative offering: a cash-out upfront life insurance policy designed specifically for Gen-Z and Millennials. The challenge was not just in rebranding but in revolutionizing how life insurance is perceived by a younger, more skeptical audience.

The Awakening

Embracing the challenge, the Emery team embarked on a deep dive with Kaleido Life's visionary founders. Through extensive interviews with life insurance experts and the startup's entrepreneurial co-founders, we unearthed the unique value proposition that Kaleido Life offered. The result was a new name that spoke volumes: Kaleido Life, accompanied by a provocative brand strategy and messaging that resonated with the target demographic's aspirations and lifestyle.

Logo Marks
Primary Mark
Color Palette
Primary Palette

Sherwood Green

Deep Aqua

Caribbean Green

Ultra Pink



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Body Copy

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The Transformation

The rebranding not only redefined Kaleido Life's position in the market but also solidified a partnership built on mutual respect and visionary alignment. The cofounders of Kaleido were so impressed with the strategic insight and creative prowess of the Emery team that they extended an offer to John Emery to join as a cofounder, leading the brand and marketing efforts. As Kaleido Life moves forward, building their MVP and navigating the path to a Series A raise, the collaboration with Emery remains a cornerstone of their journey, setting the stage for a new era in life insurance tailored for the next generation.