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We’re an 🌞👁️🌀
Awakening Company

We’re an
Awakening Company

Trusted by bootstrapped startups and billion dollar brands.

Ready to love your
brand again?

About Us

What's an Awakening Company do?
We wake brands up.

Every company has the best of intentions at the start, but often fall short of what they know they can be. We’re here to wake them up and reveal the inherent purpose and potential we all know is there.

Now more than ever — because people are finding an irrational amount of meaning from the brands they trust — "Awakened brands" have an opportunity to change the world.

Our Process

An awakened brand is self-aware of its role in the world, and has aligned purpose, personality and practices.


It's about awakening to the true essence and potential of your brand, illuminating its path with clarity and purpose. It's about peeling back the layers to reveal the soul of your company, casting everything in a transformative light.

• Brand Audit & Research
• Brand Strategy
• Naming & Architecture

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It's about expressing your brand's unique essence in ways that resonate distinctly with your audience. It's about crafting a visual and verbal identity that's not only captivating but also authentically you, ensuring your brand's soul shines through in every touchpoint.

• Visual Identity
• Verbal Identity
• Brand Guidelines

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It's about embodying your brand, from your website to your marketing materials. It's about creating a cohesive, impactful presence that's as true to your vision as it is compelling to your audience.

• Brand Behaviors
• Internal Culture
• Web Design & Dev
• Fractional CBO
• Ongoing Creative

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Inflection Points

Shared Horizons

Bright & Tight

Ebb & Flow

Entourage Effect

Third Way Thinking

Brands are Dumb

Turning the Gem

Make it Weird

Play Cards Face Up

What the best that could happen?

Everyone is Essential

Portfolio of Purpose

Self-Aware Brands

Brand as Reputation

Reputation over Revenue

You be You

Spirited & Strategic

Emery is more than a consultancy; we are your partners in awakening— helping you capitalize on inflection points and experience life-changing growth, both professionally and personally.

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With a curated team of top-in-their-field experts, we bring an entourage effect of diverse, strategic insights that work in harmony across your company.