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Legacy Collective

Legacy Collective works to solve systemic issues by funding the most sustainable, innovative efforts through partnerships with nonprofit organizations locally and globally.

The Challenge

Legacy Collective, spearheaded by the influential Jen Hatmaker in 2015, was born from a compelling question: "How could we affect real change?" With the induction of Erin Arnheim as a new visionary CEO, it became apparent that Legacy Collective not only merited a brand refresh but also a revamped website to mirror its evolution and clarified mission.

The Awakening

Emery had the privilege of collaborating closely with Legacy Collective's board to reimagine their brand for a national audience of giving circles. The result was a vibrant and colorful visual identity that truly captures the spirit of generosity and community that Legacy embodies.

In addition to crafting social media templates to ensure brand consistency, we designed and launched a new website. This digital home for Legacy Collective weaves their story and mission into a narrative that inspires and engages, inviting more people to join their journey of impactful giving.

Logo Marks
Primary Mark
Primary Palette
Color Palette
Primary Palette

Legacy Black

Soft Sand


Primary Palette


Bright Orange

Proud Purple

Bazooka Pink

Sky Blue

Additional Elements
Primary Typeface
Headlines and Buttons

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Secondary Typeface
Body Copy

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The Transformation

Legacy Collective has made remarkable strides, raising over $7 million and allocating 189 grants to deserving projects worldwide through their Giving Circles. Their transparent model has revolutionized charitable giving, allowing individuals to contribute with confidence, knowing that each nonprofit beneficiary undergoes rigorous vetting. Emery's journey with Legacy Collective continues, as we stand by to propel their creative endeavors forward, proud to be part of a movement that's changing the world, one grant at a time.