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Spearheaded by friends, joined by partners, organizations, and human beings across the globe who want to help. Restore UA facilitates urgent, lifesaving aid in Ukraine and provides direct-route ways for individuals and organizations.

The Challenge

RestoreUA emerged from the urgent need for humanitarian aid amidst the devastating war in Ukraine. Founded by Jake Knotts, whose deep connections to Ukraine span over 13 years, combined with his expertise in shipping and logistics from his California-based company, RestoreUA was poised to make a significant impact. The challenge was crafting a brand and website that encapsulated the grassroots spirit of the nonprofit, rallying support for Ukraine's restoration.

The Awakening

Emery was honored to partner with RestoreUA in this critical mission. Our team crafted compelling website copy that spoke directly to the heart of the cause. We developed a visual identity that resonated with the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian spirit, and desgiend a website that evoked a militia-like determination. This digital presence was not just about showcasing RestoreUA's work; it was about igniting a movement.

The Transformation

Our collaboration with RestoreUA has been a journey of profound purpose and impact. The essence of our efforts is encapsulated in a simple yet powerful mandate—to help Restore Ukraine. From orchestrating logistics for shipping containers of food and supplies to securing essential medications and providing safe havens for families, every action is a step towards healing. RestoreUA stands as a beacon for those who seek to contribute but may not know where to start, uniting individuals, businesses, and communities in a collective effort to counteract the ravages of war and pave the way for Ukraine's recovery. Through Emery's partnership, RestoreUA has transformed into a formidable force for good, driving humanitarian aid with unparalleled dedication and efficiency.