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Love Does

Love Does has been fighting for human rights, caring for the vulnerable and providing education in conflict zones since 2002.

The Challenge

Love Does, the inspirational organization founded by New York Times best-selling author Bob Goff, approached us with a clear yet impactful need—a new website. As an entity that embodies action and compassion across the globe, their digital presence needed to reflect the breadth and depth of their mission effectively.

The Awakening

Emery was tasked with translating Love Does' expansive heart and mission into a digital format. The result,, is a testament to the spirit of the organization. Our team poured over every detail, ensuring the website not only shared their story but also facilitated the growth of their community and outreach efforts seamlessly.

The Transformation

Since the launch of the new website, Love Does has experienced remarkable growth, extending their reach into 12 countries. The site has become a pivotal tool in their mission, serving as a portal for engagement, education, and donation, empowering them to continue their work of love and transformation across the globe. Emery remains a proud partner in Love Does' journey, continually inspired by their commitment to making a difference.