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Concord Dental Labs

A one-man company in 1962, Concord Dental Lab today includes more than 30 highly-skilled professionals and they’re proudly one of the fastest growing dental labs in New England.

The Challenge

When Michael Farago stepped into the leadership role at Concord Dental Labs (CDL), a legacy passed down by his father Robert, he was poised with a vision to rejuvenate the brand. Mike's ambition was clear: to position CDL as a beacon of excellence, delivering unparalleled experiences for both doctors and patients. With a belief that their work is transformative, changing lives one smile at a time, CDL needed a fresh strategy, a dynamic visual identity, an engaging website, and revamped marketing materials to reflect this ethos.

The Awakening

Emery was enlisted to bring Mike's vision to fruition. We embarked on a journey to revitalize CDL, starting with a comprehensive brand strategy that would lay the foundation for their new narrative. Our creative team then developed a new visual identity, centered around an iconic "shine" mark that symbolizes the brilliance and quality of CDL's work. A lively and memorable color palette, coupled with a quirky and modern website design, further distinguished CDL in the dental lab landscape. Beyond digital assets, we captured the essence of CDL through photography, vision videos, and even custom-designed wraps for their delivery vehicles, ensuring that every touchpoint reflected their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Logo Marks
Primary Mark
Secondary Marks
Color Palette
Primary Palette

Morning Blue

Mid-day Blue

Bedtime Blue

Tennis Ball

Neutral Black

Soft Gray

Warm Gray

Primary Typeface
Headlines and Buttons

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Secondary Typeface
Body Copy

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla sed aliquam diam. Curabitur vel urna quis urna fermentum posuere vitae vitae ligula. Integer eros augue, ullamcorper non erat quis, euismod bibendum ligula.

The Transformation

The impact of our collaborative efforts has been profound. CDL is not just surviving; it's thriving. With an expanded flagship location and a team growing rapidly to meet increasing demand, CDL stands as a testament to the power of a well-conceived brand strategy and visual identity. Their ongoing partnership with Emery, keeping us on retainer for continuous support, underscores the importance of living and breathing their brand ethos. Concord Dental Labs continues to set new benchmarks in the dental industry, driven by a mission to deliver the best experience for doctors and patients alike, changing lives one smile at a time.

Client Testimonial

"I not only highly recommend this team to everyone I speak with, but I have also shifted our existing business plans to be able to work with them more often."

Mike Farago, Concord Dental Lab