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Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton released his tenth studio album this year and is touring with what Rolling Stone calls his “soul-marinated voice,” acoustic guitar, and a suitcase full of heartfelt songs.

The Challenge

Martin Sexton, an iconic figure in the music world and dubbed John Mayer's favorite live performer, was on the lookout for a creative powerhouse to elevate his online and live presence. The mission was clear: Martin needed a dynamic team to rejuvenate his website, produce captivating video content for social media, and bring a fresh branding perspective to his live tours.

The Awakening

For the Emery team, avid fans of Martin's soul-stirring music, the opportunity to collaborate was nothing short of a dream come true. Diving into brainstorming sessions with Martin and his manager, Georganne, we embarked on a creative expedition. The goal was to infuse Martin's digital domain with the same vibrancy and depth that characterizes his voice. The result was a redesigned website that not only showcases Martin's musical genius but also mirrors the emotional palette of his sound.

Motion Graphics
The Transformation

Since 2021, our partnership with Martin Sexton has grown into a harmonious collaboration that spans across tour poster designs, social media content, and every creative need in between. Our bond transcends professional realms, highlighted by Martin's unforgettable private performance at John Emery's home. Emery continues to stand by Martin's side, weaving the fabric of his brand with every note and lyric, celebrating the artistry that brings us together.