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JDRF Game2Give

JDRF Game2Give® is building community, advancing research, and making a difference, one video game at a time.

The Challenge

JDRF, a leading organization in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes, was embarking on a novel venture—Game2Give. This initiative was designed to harness the power of the global gaming community for advocacy, fundraising, and support of JDRF's mission. The project held a special significance for Emery, as John Emery's daughter, Lily, lives with Type 1 Diabetes, making this partnership more than just professional—it was personal.

The Awakening

Emery's collaboration with JDRF on the Game2Give initiative was multifaceted. We delved into strategic planning, crafting a message that would resonate with gamers worldwide: "JDRF Game2Give is building community, advancing research, and making a difference, one video game at a time." Our team then set out to create a website that not only captured the essence of this message but also appealed to a diverse audience of gamers. The goal was to engage, inform, and inspire action within this vibrant community.


To date, JDRF Game2Give has raised more than $3.5M for Type-1 Diabetes research.

The Transformation

The impact of Game2Give has been phenomenal. The initiative has seen rapid growth, becoming a major force in fundraising for Type 1 Diabetes research. To date, Game2Give has raised over $3.5 million, supporting JDRF's critical research efforts. Our engagement has spanned in-game integrations, livestream fundraisers, game bundles, and esports tournaments, each project expanding the reach and impact of Game2Give. This initiative has not only united gamers for a cause but has also proven the power of community in driving forward research and support for those affected by Type 1 Diabetes. Emery continues to support Game2Give, driven by a shared commitment to making a meaningful difference.