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Morrison Healthcare

Morrison Healthcare is a leading national food and nutrition services company exclusively dedicated to serving over 1,000+ hospitals and healthcare systems.

The Challenge

Morrison Healthcare, a giant in the healthcare food service industry with over 51,000 employees and an impressive $9 billion in annual revenue, found themselves at a crossroads. Operating across 1,000+ hospitals nationwide, the challenge wasn't in their capability but in refining and amplifying their employer brand to match their esteemed reputation in service delivery.

The Awakening

Emery was brought on board to distill the essence of what makes Morrison Healthcare unique. Our journey with Morrison led us to the realization that their strength lies not just in the services they provide but in the people who deliver those services daily. We introduced "Secret Ingredients" as the foundational messaging platform, capturing the unique qualities that Morrison employees bring to the table. Furthermore, we reimagined their annual employee conference, branding it as "The Morrison Experience" to celebrate and enhance the connection between the company and its valued employees.

The Transformation

The impact was profound. Morrison Healthcare now possesses a crystal-clear understanding and articulation of their employer brand, setting a new benchmark in how they attract, retain, and engage their workforce. "The Morrison Experience" has become more than an event; it's a testament to the company's commitment to its people, fostering a sense of pride and belonging that continues to resonate throughout the organization. As Morrison continues to evolve its offerings and expand its reach, the foundation laid by Emery ensures that their employer brand remains a beacon of excellence and innovation in the healthcare industry.