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Based near San Francisco, Vince Emery is a senior analyst with the Content Globalization Practice of Outsell's Gilbane Services (formerly the Gilbane Group). For Outsell's clients in the publishing, technology, entertainment, and healthcare industries, Mr. Emery applies expertise gained from his experience managing multilingual content and marketing for global corporations and venture capital-backed startups. The end results are increased sales revenue, reduced costs, and faster sales cycles.

In the past, Mr. Emery has directed global marketing communications for technology companies: MontaVista Software, Interwoven, Blue Pumpkin Software, Blaze Software, and the Ernst and Young subsidiary Kanisa.

Mr. Emery's clients have included The Aerospace Corporation, Apple, The Computer Museum, GemStone Systems, Harkins Theatres, Kanisa, Magnavox, the San Francisco Chronicle, SDL, Warner Brothers, and others.


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